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Web Design

I have worked mostly with print design but I am working on expanding my technical knowledge of the the web. So far, I am capable of working with html and CSS and I am in the process of picking up PHP. Although web design is so different from print, I love the challenge and can’t wait to learn more.

For a class project last semester, I had to come up with a company that would benefit people by making their lives easier. I could think of no better business than an a pet mess cleanup service, which I called PetMaids.  There are many websites out there that provide services such as grooming, dog walking and pet sitting, but there isn’t one business online that does it all including picking up dog poop from yards, cleaning litter boxes, fish tanks, animal cages and more, which is why there needs to be a company like Pet Maids.

I created a layout design that would flow throughout the site. Below I will explain my logic behind the designs and a bit about how a user would go through the website.

PetMaids index page

What I loved about this project was the entrepreneurial aspect of establishing a company from the ground up. While creating the branding aspects of the business such as the company name, tagline, and picking company colors, I was thinking about who the target audience was and what this audience might be looking for in a company. I also tried to implement marketing tools into the site that would help the company grow while gaining customer satisfaction such as gift certificates for friends, the ability to refer a friend for a discount and the option of signing up at a discounted rate.

PetMaids services

For the services page, there is general information about the work that PetMaids offers. I made a menu bar on the left to show pets that a customer could choose from to inquire more information about.

PetMaids price quote

The image above appears as if a visitor selected dog under the menu bar on the left, and already went through to select the services they were interested in before getting the price quote provided. From here, the customer has the option to continue and set up an appointment for PetMaids to visit their house.

PetMaids appointment calendar

The overall layout was designed to target adults who can afford the luxury of hiring someone else to do dirty work for them while they are at work. The background of the site has a clean style, therefore reflecting how cleanliness is important to Pet Maids.  Elements that make up the background consist of warm hues and textures that are soothing to look at, hence giving the audience a comforting and welcoming feeling.  In addition, the pigments reflect popular shades that interior designers commonly use, since the environment that Pet Maids works in is within someone’s home.

For all the projects that a designer takes on, it is especially important to remember that every element should have a purpose.


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