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Dove Valley Wine Labels

The wine labels that I designed for Dove Valley Vineyards are sure to call for attention on a shelf. By featuring a dove with intricate details added as the main focal point of the label gives a reference back to Maryland’s history. Many people are not aware of how Native Americans once inhibited Maryland’s land, and in Cecil County where Dove Valley Vineyards is located is actually the former location of where the Lenape Tribe resided. The abstract style of the doves wings decorated with lines and dots resemble Native American Symbols. While the labels have a bit of history to them, they uphold a modern look with its bright colors and funky type used for Dove Valley’s name.


Being the President of the AIGA chapter on my campus requires a lot of planning in advance for events that we will have. I started planning most of the events over winter break for this semester and I am excited for what we have coming up. Tomorrow, we are going to have tutorials to improve our Photoshop skills and I will be giving a lesson on how to use layer comps. Other students will be speaking about painting in Photoshop and how to use layer masks.

In about two weeks, I am particularly looking forward to the speakers that we have coming in to show us examples of their portfolios. We will be not only looking at their portfolios to get an idea of how they are put together, but we will also be gaining advise on what we can do to our portfolios prior to the Spring Portfolio Review at Stevenson University.

Here is the poster I made to advertise the event. It will be seen under the events list on the AIGA website for Baltimore sometime this week.


Point-of-sale advertising is a great way for a company to get their product recognized and can also play a huge role in word of mouth marketing. If the POS material is designed in a way that grabs the attention of consumers, it can help increase the number of impulse buys and improve overall brand recognition.

I am currently a graphic design intern at Aveníu Brands, which is a U.S. marketer for thirty wine and spirit brands coming from eight different countries. Since these products are from overseas, it is important to have POS materials in the states that stand out and make an impression on the U.S. consumers.

Today when I was at work, I made shelf-talkers, which are small signs that are displayed on liquor store shelves and call attention to the bottles of wine being sold.

This same style is carried out with other Luna Di Luna wines in yellow, pink, and purple.

The challenge about this assignment was that I had to make a style that will not only be carried out through all the shelf-talkers, but also be used with other POS materials.The grunge style associated with the background was chosen because the tag-line for the upcoming marketing campaign is “Add some color to your life” and I was going for something a bit edgy. The target audience for this wine is middle aged women. I think they will be attracted to the bright bottles that stand out against a black and white background.

Another piece that was produced to attract buyers are the card cases holders. These are pieces of cardboard that stick out from the wine cases and advertise the slogan with the product. Here you can see that the same design is carried out with this production piece and the wine they are particularly trying to market is the Chardonnay & Pinot Girgio blend.

This is nice wine, you should give it a try!


I work with the Marketing Interns group to make posters that advertise campus events. I enjoy making illustrations for the background and working with grids, bright colors, and typography. The challenge I face while creating these posters is fitting all the content in the given space while trying to make it look organized.

The weekly event posters are placed in holders along academic row and next to other walking paths throughout campus. As well, the posters are hung in the entryways of residential halls. There is an 8.5”x11” version too that is put into bathroom stalls and another small version for the Retriever Weekly newspapers.

Below are some designs I have made in the past year for the marketing Interns.

I went to an artist lecture for Post Typography when they came to UMBC in the fall,
and after seeing their work I was inspired to make my following posters with hand drawn typography:

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I made a poster with Truegrit, the UMBC mascot wearing a Pilgrim Hat. I used an existing image of the dog but created the rest myself.

The blue origami poster below I made for March 2010. The grey footer on the bottom of the poster is a new feature that is now added to all the weekly posters. The footer has been added in order to make all the posters look uniform and to give a little information about the Marketing Interns.

The logo that says “UMBC tweets” with the blue dog is a logo that I created to represent the Marketing Interns on twitter. The Marketing Interns’ tweets inform the students on campus about events going on and so far we have 114 followers.

As you can see, there is not a fixed structure for the event information and I have each design arranged differently. Every week the events change and I also like to switch things up to keep them interesting.

The typeface that I used for “Weekly Events” and the days of the week is a font that I designed myself in my Graphic Design 6 class. I combined Nueva and ITC Franklin Gothic to get the end result in addition to adding my own design elements. I will be making a poster with a pangram sentence to display all the letters of this alphabet coming soon!

Hope you like them!


3 comments on “Print

  1. Ute Kraidy
    April 26, 2010

    Hi Michelle,
    …nice design you did for Luna di Luna!

    It was great meeting you on Saturday in Baltimore. Hope to see you there again next year.


  2. Lulu
    April 29, 2010

    i totally bought into your design and tried luna di luna…

  3. Daniel Merino
    May 14, 2010


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