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What I love about logo design is that it can convey so much information about a company or business with just a quick glance. Logos can leave either a positive or negative first impression on someone so it is important to do many different examples to get down to the right one in addition to doing research to back up the identity.

I made this logo for an event planning business based out of Las Vegas. I chose typefaces that would appear both elegant and modern and I think the usage of Edwardian Script and Century Gothic does this successfully.

Royal Adventures features travel packages that accommodates a range of customers from small to large groups. Their service provides worry free travel to customers that range mostly from ages 55 to 80, so I chose a typeface that was very legible and easy to read. They were looking for a logo that would be suitable for print and the web so I did different color variations.

The Senior Gift Committee is a new campus initiative to give graduating seniors the chance to leave their last mark on campus. This committee will collect funds from the graduating classes and they asked for a logo to go on envelopes, the facebook page, e-mails, in the packets that the Alumni Association hands out at graduation, and on the UMBC website. Since the logo will often be printed out in Black and White, it was best to keep the logo in black.


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