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The Final Product of the UMBC Review!

I am proud to say, the complete 175 page UMBC Review book has arrived! Today was the launch of the book at the 14th Annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day. The UMBC Review is a journal of undergraduate research and I designed everything from the inside content to the outside cover. The process of designing the book lasted three months and along the way there were many rounds of edits that went through between myself and the editors.

A design element that is carried out through the book are diagonal lines. This influence came from the image that is on the cover of the flags hung in a cris-cross manner. There was a request for color and something that represented the campus on the cover, which is why I chose to incorporate this image from the UMBC Commons.

Here is a glance at what the rest of the book looks like:

I obtained this opportunity as an independent research project and I feel as though I became better at problem solving, time management and how to work efficiently with others along the way. I learned the principles of book design incuding how to use master pages and paragraph styles in InDesign. Much thanks goes out to Guenet Abraham for her guidance and to my family and friends for their support!


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