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UMBC Black and Gold Project

I recently was involved in a SGA project called “Project Black and Gold”, an initiative to spread school spirit over the UMBC campus by hanging banners with slogans made by the UMBC Community. By being a Marketing Intern, I got to take part in the planning for the project and I helped spread the word about how students could be a part of the project.

Here is the breakdown of how it went from start to finish:

1.) 126 slogans were submitted through twitter, table stands and a website
2.) Slogans were narrowed down to 8 choices:

“Be Proud, Be Bold, Be Black and Gold”
“Black and Gold, Breaking the Mold”
“Great Dogs Aren’t Just Born, They’re Bred”
“In Dog Years, We’re almost 200!
“Raise the Ruff!” (that was my submission!)
“Retrievers, Ruff and Ready!”
“UMBC: Where Every Dog Has Its Day”
and “Woof!”

3.) Then, 5 final slogans were selected by a poll on the UMBC homepage.

4.) 5 designers were selected to take part in the project . I was selected to represent the Marketing Interns, and below is my design!

Banner for the Black and Gold Project

These posters were supposed to get put up by Spring Break this year but due to some budget cuts they will not be put up until this summer. Once the actual banners are hung along Academic Row I will post pictures of the other designs.


One comment on “UMBC Black and Gold Project

  1. Jessica
    April 15, 2010

    This is an AWESOME poster! Great job!

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