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What you never knew about Franklin Gothic

Well well… It is already close to mid-March! How did that happen so quickly?

This semester has flown by and I have learned a lot in my last semester! In my GD6 class I wrote a 10 page research paper on the history of Franklin Gothic and why it was revived in 1980 to become ITC Franklin Gothic.

To my astonishment, Franklin Gothic was named after the American inventor, Benjamin Franklin, but he was not related to the design of the typeface in any way. Franklin was, however the first person to manufacture type in America. In Europe, ‘Gothic’ denotes to the blackletter style that first surfaced in Germany. Americans use the term ‘Gothic’ to categorize a sans serif typestyle. After learning these facts about American History I can better understand why the font was called Franklin Gothic.

After looking so in depth into just one typeset, I have tried to become more observant of other fonts that are around me and I hope to explore the history of typography more. A critical element to effective design is choosing the right font, and knowing the background of Franklin Gothic has helped me identify its appropriate uses.


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